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The benefits of a DGPS receiver are discussed on the home page. When you rent a DGPS receiver, you will need to know how to configured it  for your application. For example, a geophysical application like a magnetometer survey or a Geonics EM-31 survey would likely use the DGPS receiver with a backpack. The backpack would possibly carry a battery dedicated to the DGPS receiver and it would have a rod that would elevate the DGPS receiver above the operators head. In addition, the output of the receiver would likely be fed directly into a portable handheld data logger used to record the geophysical data. However, if the geophysicist decided to conduct the geophysical survey with a formal grid system, the operator may use a different type of data logger dedicated for land surveying. In both of these applications, the DGPS receiver is carried and the electrical connections are short. In comparison, a farmer may mount the DGPS receiver on the top of a tractor with a threaded magnetic mount. The receiver helps guide the farm equipment and record comments. In this case, longer cables are needed to reach the magnetic mount located outside the cab. On a much smaller scale but the same principal, a DGPS receiver may be mounted to a robot or ground penetrating radar GPR system with a threaded rod that is part of the equipment. Other applications that often use a DGPS receiver can be found in engineering geophysics or contact a geophysicist.


Noggin 250 GPR with DGPS Receiver

Noggin 250 GPR with DGPS Receiver

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